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We know how important easy and fast software is to you, our company creates software for everyday use, easy, fast and secure.

Instagram Video Downloader

Download videos from instagram to your computer in the highest quality.

Youtube Multi Downloader

Download videos from Youtube at unlimited speed !


A simple program that will show you all the information about your processor.

WDZ Hash Generator

A simple program that can generate hashes such as md5, sha1, sha2 and many others.

Facebook Multi Downloader

Facebook Multi Downloader is a free program with which you can quickly and easily download videos from the most popular social network.

WDZ PasteEasy

Free software for quickly pasting text onto

Twitter Video Downloader

Download any video from Twitter

Vimeo Video Downloader

Download video from in the highest quality for free!

VK Video Downloader

VK Video Downloader free software for downloading videos from ! 100 % free ! for windows !

Password Generator

Password Generator is a free program for generating strong passwords in Windows operating systems

Screenshot on PC

Take screenshots with this free program.