How to take a smartphone screenshot (iOS,Android) in 2022?

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Each smartphone has the function of saving the screen in the form of an image file. This allows, for example, to capture some important event that we cannot save in any way. Making the so-called screenshot is possible by pressing the appropriate combination of physical (or screen) phone buttons. Below we present two methods – for devices with Google Android and Apple iOS.

A popular screenshot is a graphic file of the currently displayed image on a computer, tablet or smartphone. This feature allows you to capture very difficult situations, such as conversations in Messenger, the current state of a website or an event in an application. Each phone offers a screenshot function, which we activate depending on the operating system you have.

Screenshot on Android

We take a picture of the screen on Android by pressing the phone and Home lock button (e.g. older Samsung models) at the same time, which is located in the lower front part of the device. Hold down the buttons for 2 seconds.

If our smartphone does not have a physical Home button (navigation takes place on the screen bar – eg Sony), then we press the lower volume button and the power button, holding them for 2 seconds.

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Attention! Some phones (e.g. Meizu Pro 7) have a screen shortcut placed in a drop-down menu, which usually also includes, among others, features such as bluetooth, audio, data transfer, airplane mode and more.

Screenshot on iOS

We take a screenshot on an Apple device using a combination of the Sleep and Start buttons. In newer models, Sleep Mode is located on the side of the device:

Location of the screenshots

Android screenshots are located in the Pictures / Screenshots folder. In the case of Apple phones, go to the Photos -> Albums – <Camera roll application.