How to take a screenshot on MacBook 2022?

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Screenshot is one of the most popular and needed computer functions. And while you won’t find the Print Screen key on your MacBook, you can easily take a screenshot on it using other methods. What are these ways? You can read about it in the article below.


Due to the lack of the Print Screen key on the keyboard, it may seem difficult to take screenshots on the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro . In fact, however, it is a very easy and quick task. You can use special keyboard shortcuts on Apple branded equipment. These are easy-to-remember combinations of several buttons. How to take a MacBook screen? We explain below.


On a Mac, you can take screenshots of the entire screen, as well as screenshots of selected parts of the whole. If you are interested in a basic print screen covering everything you can see on the screen, use the Shift + Command + 3 key combination. The screenshot will be saved on the desktop.

An alternative to this method is the option to hold down the Control key. In this case, the screenshot will not be saved on the desktop, but copied automatically to the clipboard. You can then paste it into any program, such as a word processor or graphics application.


How to take a partial screenshot on a MacBook, i.e. covering a selected fragment of an image? To take such a screen, press Shift + Command + 4. As a result, a special cursor will be displayed on the monitor. Use it to mark the place you want to capture and save. After releasing the touchpad or the mouse , you will get a screenshot of the indicated area.

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This mode also allows you to take advantage of interesting additions. One of them is the option to set the center point from which then, by holding down the Option key, a specific area will be selected included in the screenshot. The second solution is to extend the space on the screen horizontally or vertically, using the Shift key.

The print screen is automatically saved on the desktop. However, you can change the save destination by holding down the Control key. In this case, the screenshot will be made to the clipboard, from where you can then paste it into a text or graphics program.


On a Mac, you can also make a print screen of one window. Instead of using the option to select a specific area, choose the easier method. Hold down Shift + Command + 4 to enter Screenshot mode. A cursor will appear on the screen, but instead of using it to select specific parts, press the spacebar. You can freely change the position of the pointer. In the course of this action, you will see immediately which window will be captured. Hover over the object you are interested in, press the left mouse button or touchpad and make a print screen.

In this case, you can also use the Control key, thanks to which you will save the screenshot not to the desktop, but to the clipboard, from where you can then paste it to a specific program. While taking a screenshot, you can also hold down the Option key, thanks to which you will take a screen without an additional shadow around the window.

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On Apple models with macOS Mojave or later installed, you can make print screenshots using the Screenshot application. To find it, just click Shift + Command + 5 or search for it with Spotlight. The screenshot tools will appear on your screen. You can take a screenshot of the entire image displayed on the monitor – in this case, select the Take a screenshot of the entire screen option. If you click on it, the pointer turns into a camera. Then, just press anywhere on the screen or use the Capture option, and a thumbnail of the print screen will appear in the corner of the screen. Select it to edit or move it. You can also wait a while and the screen will appear on your hardware desktop.

If you want to take a screenshot of a specific part of the screen, click Shift + Command + 5 and the capture tool will appear on your monitor. Check the option Take a screenshot of the selected part, and then drag the frame to the place where you want to print the screen. You can move the entire selection by dragging it from inside the selected box.


If you have an Apple computer with a Touch Bar and want to take a screenshot of this bar, press Shift + Command + 6 and the screenshot will appear on your computer’s desktop.


Preview application icon to take a complete screenshot on your Apple computer
There is another method to take screenshots on a Mac. It is not as easy as using keyboard shortcuts, but it is also noteworthy, as frequent use of this method will surely make it as practical and simple as the others.

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Run the system’s Preview program, and then use the File -> Take a screenshot command. You will see three options: Selection, Window, and Entire Screen. The first suggestion will allow you to select a specific area that you want to save, while the second one is designed to make a print screen of the selected window. After selecting the Full screen function, a few seconds’ countdown begins, after which the program will take a full screen shot. Importantly, this screen will be executed along with the cursor. So if you do not want to have it in the picture, use the Shift + Command + 3 shortcut. The screenshots taken in this way open automatically in the program and from this level you can then save them in the memory of your Mac.

So, as you can see, there are several methods of making print screenshots on Apple computers. So regardless of whether you have MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or other models, you can easily and quickly take a screenshot of the entire screen, its part, a selected window or the Touch Bar. Among so many proposals, you will surely find an option that is right for you.