How to download music from YouTube? Try the 5 Best Methods 2022 (May)!

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YouTube is one of the most used platforms for listening to music. In addition to songs in high-quality audio, you will find music videos and lyrics there. Playing music online is not always possible and the YouTube mobile app is inconvenient for many users. So they ask themselves: how to download music from YouTube? Check out how to download songs from YT and enjoy them offline!

Downloading music from YT via the Internet – convenient downloaders

Ripping songs to the selected device is not difficult – it only takes a few clicks. There are special converters available on the network that extract an audio or video file from the specified address . Especially useful when you want to quickly download a single song. One of the most popular services of this type was Clip Converter, but currently it cannot convert videos that contain music. We will introduce the best alternatives below.

How to download YouTube music to computer in large amount?

If you’re wondering how to download an entire playlist or music album , choose the desktop app. There are plenty of programs for downloading audio and video from YouTube and other sites. They allow you to paste multiple links at once and download songs in a queue. They often offer additional options as well. Below we will describe famous examples of converters that will please any computer user.

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Free Youtube Downloader

A useful program is Free Youtube Downloader. You can download individual songs or entire playlists. How to download a song? Select the “Paste link” option in the upper left corner of the application and paste the previously copied song address. The program also supports links from many sites other than YT, such as Dailymotion, Flickr and Vimeo . Conversion is automatic – when the program informs you that the download is complete, you will find the file in the Output tab. Click “Show in folder” to find a song or playlist on disk.

You can choose the default format in the program settings . Contrary to what the name suggests, it doesn’t have to be MP3. It is also possible to adjust the quality – it gives the user control over the download sizes. The application can be used to play songs.


The first recommended site that allows you to convert videos from is . The site is very intuitive, and you are only a few clicks away from downloading your favorite music video or song. It all comes down to pasting the link and pressing the Download button. In the next step, we only have to decide whether we want to download the file as an MP4 music video or as a classic MP3 track. And it’s ready! With a few simple steps, we were able to download the song we were interested in. It is worth mentioning here that this website also offers the possibility of downloading videos from other websites, e.g. Facebook, Istagram or Tiktok.

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2conv Online

The 2conv downloader, available at , is an easy and fast way to download songs from YT. To use it, just copy the song’s address to the clipboard and paste it in the designated field . Then choose what extension the finished file should have. You have 5 options to choose from: MP3, MP4, MP4 HD, AVI, AVI HD . So you can download the song along with the music video or just the extracted audio. Pop-up ads are a minor disadvantage of this converter.

The installable app offers a wider choice of extensions. If you click “Download Converter”, you will be redirected to the MP3Studio download page . It allows you to quickly download multiple files, edit ID3 tags and play audio.

Youtube MP3 Converter

The ad-free and fast site to download music from YT is . After the conversion is completed, two pieces of information are displayed to help you verify that it is correct: the duration of the audio or video and the size of the file. The advantage of this downloader is its compatibility with many websites – with its help you can download music not only from YouTube, but also from Vimeo, Facebook or SoundCloud. You can also go to the MP4 converter directly from the website.

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To choose your favorite music downloader or website, it’s a good idea to test the various options. The presented advantages of a variety of converters will help you make your decision. Now you know how to download music from YT – you can start building your song collection on your computer or phone.