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Free Facebook Downloader is a free program for downloading Facebook videos. Using this free software you can easily download video materials in HD and 4K quality from Facebook.

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How to download your own Facebook video?

Downloading video from your own account

  • Go to your profile.
  • Go to the Photos tab.
  • Click on the editing options in the upper right corner of the material.
  • There is a Download option in the drop-down menu.

Downloading video from fanpage

If you are the owner of the movie, but you do not have a backup saved on your computer, you can easily download the movie. Steps you need to follow:

  • Being logged in as an administrator, go to your fanpage
  • Select “Publishing Tools”
  • Go to the “Videos” tab and select the video material you are interested in
  • After the content has been played, additional options related to the movie should appear
  • Under the player, select “Options” and then “Download Movie”. Usually we have a choice whether we want to receive a movie in HD or SD quality
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How to download a video from Messenger?

Downloading video from Messenger is one of the easiest ways to save videos on both your phone and computer. All we have to do is open the conversation with the application and find the video. After opening the video on your smartphone, hold your finger on the image, and then select “save movie” among the options in the open window. In turn, on the computer, this button will appear in the upper left corner under the “download”. Once clicked, the video will be downloaded and saved to disk or your phone gallery. Messenger also allows you to automatically save uploaded photos and recordings. This function can be started by selecting the “settings” icon, and then the “photos and camera” tab. At this point, click the “save after taking” button, and all files will go to the phone gallery without any additional action. This option only applies to photos and recordings made and sent using Messenger, it does not allow you to save files received from other users.

Facebook video download – summary

It’s very easy to download Facebook videos nowadays. It only takes a few steps to be able to obtain a video that we want to use for later purposes. Of course, downloading videos is allowed, but you should remember for what purposes you want to use it. We do not need any permits for private use. If you want to use the material for commercial purposes, we need special consent from the owner of the video. Very often there is a fee for this, but it all depends on what conditions the owner of the film has agreed to.

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It is safe to download a Facebook video. The social networking site has all possible protection against viruses, therefore downloading videos from this site involves very little risk. However, remember to scan each file downloaded on our computer with an anti-virus program. Even a trusted source can become infected with viruses, and our antivirus will be able to detect it quickly. This will allow the virus to stop spreading over our computer. The safety of surfing the Internet is very important and should always be our top priority when visiting hundreds of websites a day.