Free CPUInfo

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A simple program that will show you all the information about your processor.

“Free CPU Info” is a very popular diagnostic program that displays detailed information about your processor. The application has also been equipped with the ability to read information about the chipset mounted on the motherboard and installed RAM memory. “Free CPU Info” is a free component diagnostics program. The application offers the ability to read advanced information about the basic components of our desktop and laptop. “Free CPU Info” will be useful to all those who want to get detailed information about their equipment quickly. The program also allows the identification of devices and components, thanks to which we will be able to search for suitable drivers, for example. Shortly after starting, the first tab displays information about the processor (including clock speed, number of caches and cores). Advanced users will also appreciate the stepping number, which is often crucial when trying to overclock the processor. The next tabs in the “Free CPU Info” will show data about the motherboard, RAM and graphics card. “Free CPU Info” DISPLAYS DETAILED INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROCESSOR, CHIPSET, RAM MEMORY AND GRAPHIC CARD “Free CPU Info” is an inconspicuous diagnostic program of small size, but it is characterized by an extensive base of computer components. The application supports CPUs, chipsets and RAMs from leading integrated circuit manufacturers.

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