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What Is My IP

What is an IP address?

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is essentially a unique identification number for machines connected to any network. You could view this as a mailing address, just for your online activity. Since they were first developed in the 1970s, IP addresses have evolved to define how devices interact on the internet. IP addresses are like GPS locations for devices (including servers) on any network. Whether you’re simply surfing the web, watching a video on YouTube, or booking your next holiday, IP addresses are certainly involved.

How to check my IP address

Checking your IP address is easy. If you’re attempting to check from your smartphone or computer, you could either use this website or one of the “What’s my IP” websites. You can also just type “My IP” on  Google, and it’ll show your IP address. However, remember that Google will always show your IPv6 if your network supports both IPv4 and IPv6. To check your IPv4, you will have to use an IP lookup website.

Whats is difference between ipv4 vs ipv6

IPv4 and IPv6 are internet protocol version 4 and internet protocol version 6, IP version 6 is the new version of Internet Protocol, which is way better than IP version 4 in terms of complexity and efficiency. 

How to hide ip address?

You can use VPNs, the Tor browser, or proxy servers to hide your IP address, among other methods.

Use a VPN. A VPN is an intermediary server that encrypts your connection to the internet — and it also hides your IP address. ...
Use Tor. Comprising thousands of volunteer-run server nodes, Tor is a free network that conceals your identity online via multiple layers of encryption. ...
Use a proxy.

How Does an IP Address Give Away Your Location?

While it’s true that your IP address doesn’t reveal your address or identity, it can reveal to someone what city or even general area you are in…within several miles in some instances. And it does it in an instant. (Remember—only people with some technical know-how can do that. The average person won’t have a clue.)

That amazing technological feat is made possible by something called geolocation software. Like something from a movie, geolocation software first zeroes in on your country, and then your region, city, and often finally your ZIP code.

IP Geolocation is the identification of the geographic location of a device, such as a mobile phone, gadget, laptop, server and so on, by using an IP address.