Javascript DeObfuscator

A simple but powerful deobfuscator to remove common JavaScript obfuscation techniques. 

What is Javascript obfuscation? 

Obfuscation is to turn JS language native syntax into a human unreadable code (or very difficult to understand). This work is done by Javascript Obfuscators that minify/compress the original code. This is a way to protect the code so that it is difficult to reverse engineer. It's also a game to write source code with unreadable and unnatural syntax.

What is Javascript Deobfuscation?

The techniques use ASCII codes (to replace characters with letters), changing names of variables by short non-defined names, overcoding such as base64, and so on.

The deobfuscation JS is the reverse of the obfuscation. The goal is to rewrite / decode / deobfuscate / decrypt / uncompress the javascript obfuscated code to retrieve native JS. Tools are called unobfuscator or deobfuscator.

JavaScript Deobfuscator is an online deobfuscator that removes common js obfuscation techniques. javascript deobfuscator aimed to help developers understand obfuscated and potentially malicious JavaScript Code