IP Address Lookup

The IP address lookup tool determines the geographical location of any IP address. The results provide quite a bit of information about the address' location, including:

the city
the state/region
the postal/zip code
the country name,
the Internet service provider (ISP)
the time zone
The data can be used by various agencies or users to find the owner of an IPv4 or IPv6 address.

Updating your IP location *

If you find that your IP geolocation information is incorrect, you can always reach out to any of our IP location data providers and update your IP address location. Search your IP address in the lookup tool and contact the third-party providers listed in the results.

Allow time for the updates to be made and try using the lookup tool again to confirm that the information is now correct. You can also confirm updates listed on third-party providers’ websites.

IP Location Lookup tool provides you free location tracking of an entered IP Address. It tracks the IP's city, country, latitude, and longitude data instantly through various Geo IP Databases available in the market.

If you are concerned about the GeoLocation data accuracy for the data listed below, please review the GeoLocation accuracy information for clarification.

How to trace IP address location ?

To track IP address location just write down IP address or domain name in the box above and click on "Lookup IP" button. This will take you to our "My IP Information" Page automatically with all the necessary details.

What you will not get ?

You will not get anything like:.

Exact name of IP User
Excact House Number or Street Address
Their phone number
Their email address