HTML Minifier

HTML Minifier

Online HTML Minifier minifies HTML code and reduce the HTML file size. To optimize website speed, it is necessary to minify the HTML code. Online HTML Minifier removes all extra white spaces, newlines, comments etc. Online HTML Minifier also minifies the css and javascript between the style and script tags. These things can be turned on or off from the option button. This minifier also has an option to make all absolute URLs to relative URLs. Just enter the full site url in the options section and tick the option says 'Minify URLs'.

HTML Minify is a technique used to reduce the size of code files. It aims to ensure faster page load speeds, especially on slow connections and mobile devices.

The process consists of removing all unnecessary spaces, line breaks, characters, and other elements, reducing the number of bytes that need to be downloaded in order to show your page.

When generating the files for a production deployment, you should apply the Code minification process, reducing the size of your files and improving the loading experience for your users. It can be achieved by applying tools like Node Minify or HTML Minifier Terser.

What is HTML and how to use this tool

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML is the primary language used to create web pages. It is the foundation of the internet and has been one of the most used languages for decades. In this post you'll learn more about its history and why you should our HTML Minifier tool!