How to download videos from Vimeo

On Vimeo you will find a lot of interesting, ambitious film productions. Due to the fairly restrictive terms and conditions of the website, the videos are uploaded in high quality and have high artistic value. It would be worth having the most interesting productions on the disk ... so how do you download them to our computer? Here's a simple way ..

Downloading videos from Vimeo is not difficult, just use the appropriate program that will help us and such a program is Vimeo Video Downloader which you can download for free from here. All files will be saved in MP4 format, which will allow you to play them in any movie player on the PC.

The first step is to go to the movie you want to download. We open the movie we are interested in and then copy its address from the address bar.

After copying the URL, paste the URL into the Vimeo Video Downloader, as shown in the image below.

the video which I was downloading was :

and it has been downloaded really fast :) 10 seconds